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Enrolment procedures are the steps to be taken to gain admission into the school. This document includes the steps to follow once admission has been granted. The Enrolment Procedure must also be read in conjunction with the Admission Policy. 

Sales of Admission forms start from the month of January. Forms are available from the School's office. 

Admission Form

Admission form for admission into FEL-EBEN MONTESSORI NURSERY  PRIMARY & HIGH SCHOOL are obtainable from the School's office. Admission form for primary are sold for N2,000 Naira each and high school for N5,000

Submission of the Application Form with the following documents attached:

  • 2 recent passport photograph
  • 1 copy of birth certificate
  • 1 copy of the receipt of payment for the Admission Form
  •  Intending parents could schedule a visit to the school.

Submission of Medical Forms prior to Resumption.

School resumes in September. However, summer lesson starts from August to September.

It is the policy of FEL-EBEN MONTESSORI NURSERY PRIMARY & HGH SCHOOL to admit all children without regard to race, colour or national origin. All pupils are afforded equal opportunity to qualify according to the set criteria for admission to the school. 

Admission Procedures

An Application Form must be purchased for a non refundable fee. On submission of the Application Form the following documents must be attached:

  • 2 recent passport photograph
  • 1 copy of birth certificate
  • 1 copy of the receipt of payment for the Application Form
  • A copy of the pupil's previous academic performance prior to the year of admission for transfer pupils

No child will be admitted to classes until all registration forms are received.

School fees are affordable and cheap compared with the series of academic and other developmental activities offered. Fees are to be paid on or before school resumes every term

Development Levy

This is a one-time payment for the duration of the pupil's stay in one session of the school. The development fee serves as the acceptance fee for the confirmation of enrolment. A fee not settled by the due date is taken as a non-acceptance of our offer.


Parents benefit maximally from us as a result of our enduring fee policy. We are not in the habit of increasing school fees except when it is very necessary and parents too will see the need for this.

Educational Resources Fee

This is an annual payment which covers the cost of exercise books, home work diaries, photocopies, stationery, and teaching and learning aids in the classroom.

Free Readers Club

Borrowed books are expected to be returned at the end of each week in good condition

Payment Scheme

This enables a parent to pay once a year or for the duration of a child’s stay in the School. Parents may also wish to pay termly. It all depends on which arrangement parents are comfortable with.

Year Book

This fee covers the cost of the School Year Book for each child.

Co- Curricular Fee

This is a fee paid per term and it covers the cost of:

  • Two co-curricular activities per week.
  • Registration and affiliation fees to co-curricular Leagues and competitions.
  • Payment for Facilitators/Coaches.
  • Parent Forum.
  • Concerts.
  • Christmas Concert.
  • Graduation Ceremony.


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